Hello everyone! My name is Jenna and truly, art speaks to me. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Ever since I was younger, I knew I wanted to be a designer of some kind. In my younger days, I thought I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. I used to trace and draw some clothing that I would like to design and create. As I grew up, I decided to try Graphic Design. I am so glad I stepped in that direction, I love where I am now! Now, I am here to design your vision! Below are some samples of Graphic Design and Photography work I have done. I love Graphic Design and especially taking photos. I graduated from Pittsburgh Technical College in October of 2020. I am more than excited to continue to grow in my field, doing what I love!

Graphic Design Work


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Located in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.



Social Media: @jennahonsegraphicdesigner


Some skills I possess include great customer service, amazing communication, multitasking, getting a task done in a timely manner, prioritizing, organization, problem-solving abilities, and dependability. I have earned two design certificates: Certificate of Achievement and Certificate of Competency, and of course my Associates Degree!


Pittsburgh Technical College

Associate in Science in Graphic Design.
Areas of Concentration: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Lightroom, and Atom.

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Thank you for exploring my portfolio! Email me for more!